Have an idea for a special event, happy hour or party? Our amazing staff would love to host you here at Myrtle’s Punch House. If you’d like to throw an event at Myrtle’s Punch House please contact us by filling out the form below!


At Myrtle’s, we want to bring you together over a bowl of punch!  Sold by the bowl, or by the glass, punch is available through our state of the art draft system, with four unique selections, at all times.  We use fresh ingredients to produce our own juices, syrups, and infusions to craft a delectable punch for you to enjoy.


The word “Ratskeller” in German means “council’s cellar” (Rathaus is the German word for City Hall). We chose this name at Myrtle’s Punch House for our cellar because it’s a place for the community to come together and enjoy each other’s company as well! Our Ratskeller was originally a storage room for the shops and apartments above. The wood tongue and groove ceiling is original to the space–as are the beautiful field stone foundation walls and arches which were used to store coal piles for heating the building back in the 1880s!

Today, the Ratskeller plays host to our curated line up of live music, and our wine cellar. The space is perfect for hosting group events, and the coal bins are a cozy place to have an intimate conversation with friends. Come discover this fantastic space for yourself, and let us host your group event or party.


Anchoring the Woodburn Avenue Historic District, in the heart of East Walnut Hills, Myrtle’s Punch House is a warm and welcoming neighborhood bar surrounded by vintage shops and incredible galleries.

“What is a Punch House”, you might be asking yourself? Molly chose punch as the focus of Myrtle’s because it is the traditional drink of American gatherings, and is great to share anytime groups of people get together. In that spirit, Myrtle’s Punch House is a fantastic place to gather your friends and catch some live music, play trivia with your neighbors, or to relax in a beautiful and unique atmosphere after discovering the creative spirit of its up and coming neighborhood.

Our punches are handcrafted and can be ordered by the glass, in a flight, or in a bowl to share with your friends! There are always four options on tap to choose from. We feature punches with recipes dating back to the 1700’s, as well as new and innovative approaches to this classic cocktail.