Before using the same technique of card counting in gambling online, you should know about its history experienced by Ken Uston. When you want to use Blackjack as your main game to win, what you need to do is mastering the card counting technique because it will help you to get more money though the ways seem difficult. In gambling online, you have to do and apply anything you can. Back then, playing Blackjack was difficult because the technique that will give advantage was banned or considered illegal. As the heritage of Ken Uston, card counting is the important way.

Don’t Get Drunk in Using Card Counting Technique in Gambling Online

Now, you can do the card counting without being scared at all because no one will detect you at all. In gambling online, all things are perfect. However in the past, Ken Uston needed to disguise even for entering the casino so he would not be detected easily. Though he was obsessed in Blackjack, he still had his job along with the family to support. Basically, money was not only the goal why Uston played Blackjack. He wanted to play to become the best Blackjack bettor ever in the world .

He was so motivated to prove to all people that he was the best in casino since he had the real talent and intelligence. Though everybody can learn card counting, this technique was not so easy at all to master. This technique has the typical count and it can be varied, it needs chances to improve but you must know one thing that this technique can’t guarantee you to win for every round. Most people want to get the high card when they play Blackjack because there are 2 reasons. The first one is there is the higher chance to bust the dealer.

The second one is you can get the Blackjack using the high cards. Your wins can be so great with proper bet but the loss is still there. In each day, $60,000 can be earned by Uston. After making money in casino, he started to get the confidence over his abilities and he started taking the bigger risks not only for the betting amount but also in his behavior or manner when he placed the bets. It looked like he wanted to tell the pit bosses about his presence on the table and he placed the big wager on the table.

He placed the bet on the certain positions. This was so dangerous because he could expose the whole team of card counting. On top of that, Uston broke one main rule which was no drinking when gambling. It made Uston drunk on the table and sometimes he attracted so much attention due to his action. Though you master the card counting technique in gambling online, you have to stay focused and no drinking at all so you can count every chance.

The Origin of Card Games in Gambling Online

In gambling online, all people love playing card games and they will bet on the card games. Whether you play poker or Blackjack, card games are popular. The WSOP as the main tournament in the world uses cards to play. Though you play the card games using online version, those games are still fun to play. As you know, gambling has become the part of the human culture for years or centuries. Though the true origin of the cards is still unknown, the archaeologists have found the proofs and also the forms of gambling using other stuff.

Back then, people gambled using stick bones and also rocks from the Neolithic period. It is so believed that gambling was so close to myths and superstitions of the first civilization which was developed into the recreation activity with advent written word and also agriculture. Most card games came later but it was not a new invention at all. According to the source, it is believed that the first card game was invented in 9th century AD in China during the Tang Dynasty. During the woodblock printing invention, there was a card game known as “leaf game”.

It was dated back in 800s. By using the woodblock technology, the royalty members enjoyed the game so much and started to bet to know who might win the game. Though the original rules were lost, the references still exist until now. Cards back then came with some icons instead of numbers or suits. Cards also came with instructions and characters on how to bet. The leaf game included the 9 cards where players can stake the metal currency to get the victory.

Chinese characters were depicted to inform players of every rank of the cards and suit to coins and money cards for betting. After that, the cards have been changed into some transformations and traveled to many countries in the world so no wonder you can find so many card games in pokerace99 asia which came from the traditional era.